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Soybean Futures Mixed As Dollar Weakens
Alan Brugler - BRUG - Wed Nov 25, 7:21AM CST

Soybeans futures are fractionally lower for the 2021 crop contracts, but up 1 cent per bushel in the old crop months. They tried a Turnaround Tuesday drop, but the trade (or spec funds) ultimately had a different idea. Front month futures were up 2 to 4 cents in the front months by the close and 15 cents off of the low. Soybean meal came to the rescue later in the session with Dec up $4.60/ton. Bean oil was down 26 points. The market will be open for the full day of trading today, but closed on Thursday for both day and evening sessions, and will close early on Friday. USDA weekly export sales data will be delayed until Friday.

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